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Insurely founder, Marc Hershman, has been involved in the hospitality industry for many years as an operator.  We love the industry and really value the hard-working business owners within.  We also know just how challenging the industry can be from operations, risk to marketing.


Our mission is to create a better customer experience for our hospitality clients, built on industry knowledge, connections and understanding. 

We have seen a good number of hospitality clients switch to Insurely this year. Why? Better support, better service and industry know-how. 

Why Do I Need Cover? 

Here are 9 common claims or risk areas for hospitality businesses. Getting the right insurance and support is essential if accidents or losses occur. 

What Cover Should Be On Your Insurance Menu?  

Here’s an overview of the core insurance covers that all hospitality businesses should be considering: 


Material Damage

Material Damage policies cover you for damage to your physical assets, such as your buildings, plant, equipment and stock.


This means that when your assets are damaged from an event like a fire, earthquake or water damage issue, the Insurer will pay to have them repaired or replaced.

Business Interruption

Imagine a fire breaks out in your restaurant and shuts down the business for three months.


A Business Interruption policy covers you for loss of profits and expenses incurred until the restaurant is back up and running.

Liability Protection

Public Liability provides protection for damage to someone else’s property or injury to a person, as part of your business activities.

Statutory Liability covers you for legal costs and some fines, for when you or your business accidentally breach certain legislation, such as Health and Safety laws, and the Food Act 2014. 

Why Insurely? 

Industry knowledge meets better customer experiences. The Insurely team are also saying a big 'no' to insurer commissions. We are incentivised by delivering the best service to our clients and value for money. 


Hospo Insurance by Hospo People 

Founder Marc Hershman has been involved in the hospitality industry for many years which has brought invaluable insights and connections.


It's not all boring insurance talk, we want to help you achieve your business ambitions and facilitate success wherever we can. 

Main Course 

Service, Service, Service 

Hospitality is all about good service and experiences. Why should you expect any less with insurance for your business?  


We have seen many people switching to Insurely for better support, service and industry know-how. 


Value For Money

We use our industry knowledge, expertise and connections to manage your insurance risks and help prevent the losses occurring in the first place. 


Choose the right insurance partner to support you at claim time. We work for you, not the insurer.

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