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Not as interesting as space travel. All those frequently asked questions about insurance and Insurely
  • Why should I use an Insurance Broker?
    When it comes to protecting your business, local knowledge and expertise can make all the difference. Insurance policies are not all the same, rarely written in plain English and they can be quite complex. We recommend working with experienced and qualified insurance brokers to help you navigate through covers, limitations and exclusions, to help you make informed decisions about your insurance programme. The Insurely Team are experienced insurance professionals who can provide market-leading advice throughout your journey and will be there to support you through the claims process. Insurely are your advocate and completely independent of whichever insurance provider you may want to insure with. We work for you, not the insurer. We charge a fee for our services, not commission. This fully transparent approach allows Insurely to act in your best interests, at all times. Without any conflicts of interest, we tailor insurance programs to meet your needs, rather than being influenced by the insurer that pays the highest commissions.
  • Can you explain your 'fully transparent and commision free' approach?
    Traditionally, insurance brokers are paid a commission for ther services as a percentage of the premium paid by you. In many cases, clients are not aware of what the broker earns for their business. We feel that this can potentially create a conflict of interest between what is best for the client and what is best for the broker. We do not want our brokers incentivised by clients paying higher premiums or benefiting if premiums increase following claims. It's time for fresh thinking and full disclosure. Our approach is quite simple. We agree a fee with you for our services, upfront and out in the open. ​
  • No Commissions. How do you get paid at Insurely?
    We agree a fee for service with you and provide full transparency on our charges with no hidden costs or commissions, unlike many other brokers in the New Zealand market. We are highly confident that our service represents excellent value for money and provides a better outcome for our clients, across their insurance purchases.
  • How is our Insurance Fee Calculated?
    The fee is based on three main components. Firstly, it includes consideration for the professional advice being offered - our time and expertise. Secondly, the estimated ongoing work that will be required over the policy period including claims support, based on the size/complexity/activity of the insurances placed by Insurely. Thirdly, it is benchmarked against similar businesses to ensure it is fair and competitive. At Insurely, we want happy clients who see real and meaningful value in the service that we provide.
  • Are you part of any Professional Bodies?
    We are produdly 100% Kiwi owned and operated. All our staff are qualified Financial Service Providers. Insurely are also a member of IBANZ (Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand).
  • Insurely a member broker of Insurance Advisernet NZ - What does that mean?
    Insurance Advisernet New Zealand represents a network of over 53 independent insurance brokers (including Insurely), looking after more than 23,000 clients and employing over 170 staff nationwide. Their role is to provide members with access to a platform of services that ensures we can provide our clients with leading insurance products, technology and policy wordings. For more information, go to
  • Can I pay my insurance premiums monthly?
    Yes, we have acess to all of the major Premium Funding Providers in New Zealand. What is Premium Funding? We appreciate that maintaining a cashflow balance is important to businesses. Insurely offers an alternative way to spread the cost of insurance – Premium Funding. Insurely can help you borrow the cost of insurance from a third-party lender who is repaid over time. Premium Funding provides the following benefits: Improves cash flow to meet day-to-day expenses Avoiding lump sum premium payments Releases working capital for alternative investments No deposit required other than the first instalment Assists financial planning and budgets as repayments are spaced throughout the year A fixed interest loan at competitive rates How Premium Funding works A specialist premium financier provides a loan facility to the insured by making payments of the premiums. The insured then repays the loan. The security for the loan is the policy itself and its proceeds - there’s no other fixed or floating security.
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