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Commercial Insurance And Risk Protection Advice For Your Business

Protection For You And Your Business 

Accidents and mistakes happen, that's just life.


We make sure that you and your business have the right insurance protection in place when they do. 

We want well-protected happy customers, like Larry on the right

And yes that is his real name.

Jump on a quick discovery call with our insurance broking  team and we can see if we are a good fit to work together. 

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Types of Insurance

You will find below some of the common types of insurance that we can help you with. If you require cover for anything not listed here, please let us know. 

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Material Damage & Business Interruption

Covers you for physical loss or damage to your business assets, as well as lost profits and additional costs.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Provides cover for vehicles used by you and your staff, for the purpose of conducting business. 

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Covers you for losses that occur during shipping, either locally or internationally.


General Liability 

Provides cover when you or your products accidentally damage someone else’s property or cause an accidental injury to a person, as part of your business activities.


Statutory Liability 

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Covers your legal costs and some damages, for when you or your business accidentally breach certain legislation, such as Health and Safety laws, the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Building Act, Fair Trading Act and Privacy Act.


Employers Liability 

Covers your legal liability and defence costs when one of your employees makes a personal injury claim that’s not covered by ACC, such as stress, depression or mental anguish.

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Travel Insurance

Covers you and your staff for losses incurred when travelling on business and can include additional cover for family members.


Cyber ProTection

Covers you for losses suffered as a result of a cyber attack, including help to get your systems back up and running, as well as repairing any brand damage.


Professional Indemnity 

Provides cover against third-party claims of negligence or breach of duties, as a result of your professional advice or services.

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Directors & Officers Insurance 

Covers directors and managers for their personal liability, for any claims made against them for actions undertaken on behalf of the company.


Contract Works 

Provides cover for losses suffered during construction projects, including new buildings and alterations to existing property.


Employment Disputes Liability

Covers you for a range of employment issues, including allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment.

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