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Insurance Protection For You and Your Business. 

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Protection for you and your business

Insurely will work with you to identify the specific risks for your business.  We tailor commercial insurance solutions to provide you with the protection that you need, from your physicals assets to the potential liability risks that your business may face.


Our experienced team have managed and advised on insurance risks of small start-ups through to major corporations across industry sectors. Insurely has access to insurance markets locally and globally, with the full support of the Insurance Advisernet network behind us.  


We cannot wait to deliver our personalised service to you, from placement of your insurances, right through to when you need an advocate after a claim.    

Material Damage & Business Interruption 
Liability Insurance
Construction Insurance 
Professional Indemnity 
Directors and Officers 
Marine Cargo

A Member Broker of Insurance Advisernet NZ

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Insurely Service

Traditional Advice, Modern Delivery 

With extensive experience across industry sectors, the Insurely team is uniquely placed to provide market-leading advice to our clients.  We are passionate about utilising technology to enhance your experience. 

Personalised Service Model

We left the corporate world to focus on building a client-centric insurance brokerage. We are not a large corporate entity mired by bureaucracy and inefficiency. We are fully independent, flexible and focused on delivering for clients with openness and integrity at all times.  

Efficiency and Innovation  

We know your time is valuable and we are committed to making your experience as hassle-free and efficient as possible. Wherever we can, we say goodbye to all those paper forms and clunky processes. 

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